VOX conferences - few hints

This is a reminder and instruction file to use VOX conferences on ARNES servers.


VOX service is provided on ARNES servers and is available at https://vox.arnes.si. While new conferences can be set only by registered users, any nonregistered user can join the conference as a guest (gost). More instructions are available here.

AAI login

Registered users are entering the system through so called AAI (Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure) login. Select NIB as a provider and use your desktop username (with added @nib.si) and password to enter. By default the pages are using Slovenian language but you can switch to English using Eng button on the upper right corner ofthe page.

Setting up a new meeting

Main conferences webpage is quite straightforward to navigate. Use New meeting button. Fill the required fields and select Only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room. (default) if you want to enable non-registered users to enter as guests. When people will try to enter your conference they will be given a chance to select Guest (gost) or registered.

Change pod names

Default naming of pods is in Slovenian. To translate the pod naming for current session :( select the menu Pods and then submenu Manage Pods.... Then you can rename the pods, but unfortunately just for the current session.

Sound and video

To check the sound settings (speaker/microphone) select menu Meeting / Audio Setup Wizard ... and follow instructions.

Possible problems with the microphone (other participants can't hear you) can be related to possible blocks in your Firewall settings - consult your IT Administrator for help.

Enabling camera or microphone

To use the camera or microphone they have to be enabled. Camera and microphone are by default enabled for the Host and Presenter. For other Participants the Host can selectively enable camera or microphone by clicking on the Participants name and selecting the enable action.

If camera or microphone are enabled, you will notice the camera and microphone icons on the top of the window. Use them to Start/Stop the camera or toggle Mute the microphone on/off.

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