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I am organizing my BibTeX files with Jabref. For Jabref the proper syntax for the author field for multiple authors is Last1, First1 and Last2, First2 (and delimited). Often the list of authors is composed as First1 Last1, First2 Last2 (comma delimited).

The code below helps to change 'comma' delimted list of authors into 'and' delimited list of authors:

fl2lf <- function(x){
    if(missing(x)) x <- read.table(file="clipboard",sep="??")
    x1=strsplit(x," *, *")[[1]]
    x2=sapply(x1,function(x) gsub("^(.*) (.*)$","\\2, \\1",x))
    x3=paste(x2,collapse=" and ")
x <- "Tim Horton, Tom Orton , Tam   Hortan,Tem Horten"
# [1] "Horton, Tim and Orton, Tom and Hortan, Tam   and Horten, Tem"

The function is quite forgiving to the number of spaces around commas.

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